Best Ultrawide Monitors

What’s “best” depends on YOU! What features do you need? What’s your budget? The monitors on this list have been selected because they stand out in the industry among their own categories. That means this list includes a full range of monitors, from the best budget ultrawide monitors to the best ultrawide monitors period.  

So what are the best ultrawide monitors on the market right now? This list includes all the displays you need to be concerned with — with a range of resolutions, refresh rates, and screen sizes. Even when you know what to look for, choosing the right ultra wide monitor can be difficult because you may not know which brands to trust, and which features matter.

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Best Ultrawide Monitors 2017

Best Budget Ultrawide

If you’re looking to enjoy ultrawide resolutions on a budget,  you’re probably going to be in the 29-inch deep end of the display pool. While it’s advisable to try and shoot for at least a 32-inch display to get all the benefits of a larger resolution, it’s true that display size is the single largest contributor to cost.


In the 29 inch category, there’s really only one monitor worth considering — the LG 29UM68-P. Ideal for watching movies and enjoying ultrawide games with FreeSync, this is a great entry-level ultrawide that would serve great as both a primary or secondary monitor.

You’ll want to carefully consider if 29 inches is the right entry point for your ultra-wide experience, though. While 29 inches is still an extremely large display, the benefits of having a higher resolution are best perceived on a screen that’s at least 32 inches. The higher pixel density of a small screen combined with a larger resolution will result in a great ultrawide image regardless.

Best Everday Use Ultrawide

The Samsung S34E790C doesn’t need to try and impress you with adaptive sync or unnecessarily high refresh rates that only some gamer’s take advantage of. This display is all about the image. The rich colors, the immense 34 inch screen, and the massive 3440×1440 resolution all combine to make a this screen a masterpiece for any general user. This display is about the build quality, the ergonomic tilting stand, and the four UBS hubs for multi-functional use.

best ultrawide monitorCombined with the perfect viewing curvature, you can expect unrivaled, name-brand quality, with a very practical black glossy screen. And you won’t be disappointed with dual 9W speakers, which make this display ready to be an entertainment center the moment it’s plugged in.

For contrast, many computer monitors have 2 watt speakers, or 5 watt speakers. Those 2-5 watt setups can provide basic sound, but they also sound like garbage. If you’re going to use your computer speakers at all, 9 watts is where you want to be.

Best Curved Ultrawide


The Dell UltraSharp U3415W is a top performer in every category. This model is one of the first 34 inch ultra-wide displays on the market, and one look can show you that Dell has clearly mastered the art of widescreen.  You can expect all the standard widescreen features, picture-in-picture, ENERGY STAR design, but you’ll also get the best options for curvature — 1900R and 3800R.

The display is fully adjustable (115mm), and the base of the device has leads in the back that help with cable management. You can expect somewhat standard sRGB 99%. For all the features this screen has, the only lacking quality is  the modest 60Hz refresh rate. But unless you’re an avid gamer — that’s not a feature you care about.

If quality matters to you but you don’t need extremely fast response times and refresh rates that are mostly associated with ultrawide gaming monitors, then this is the monitor you want. It has hits all the right quality-oriented features you want without wasting resources on bells and whistles. 

Best Curved Ultrawide (144 Hz)

If a 60 Hz refresh rate won’t cut it for you, the BenQ XR3501 is a 35-inch behemoth that combines all the best qualities of the Dell U3415W with the refresh rates necessary for a competitive gaming rig. If you want a top-notch gaming ultrawide, this is it.


This display comes standard with a 2000R ultra-curvature for a fully engaged field of vision. That’s a curvature ideal for one person sitting in-front of their screen — unlike these more common 3000R curvatures you see on many displays that encourage you to sit five or more feet back. 

This panel also features 20-level color vibrancy you can toggle between, as well as a number of game-specific modes that can help enhance the visual appeal of specific genres. The color replication is very nearly up to par for professional-use standards.

You get the regular features like picture-in-picture and black eQualizer, but you also get BenQ’s  impressive low-blue design, using less blue light and reducing eye-strain  for long hours spent in-front of your display. This is also a hyper-light display compared to almost all of its competition, weighing little more than four pounds.

Best Gsync Ultrawide

If you want the absolute best dynamic syncing, you want G-Sync. If you’re an avid gamer, you want a 144 Hz refresh rate. And if you love ultrawide, you want to go as  big as you can on your budget. You can’t do better than the Acer Predator Z35.

For people who are interested in future-proofing, this beast of a display can be overclocked to 200hz when connected with DisplayPort. The 9W speakers ring crystal clear on a level you don’t expect from monitor speakers. And the 4ms response time makes this a perfectly-rounded option for gamers. 

Unfortunately, when you get all the bells and whistles necessary for an ultrawide gaming monitor of this quality, you get a price to match. But if you’re looking for the best, you have to look no further.

Best FreeSync Ultrawide

LG 34UM67 isn’t new to the market, in-fact the 68 version has been released already, but this version remains an extremely reliable pick. This is one of the cheapest levels you can get a 2560x1080p display with FreeSync. As a cherry on top, the 7W speakers sound crystal clear.


It utilizes dynamic action sync, which reduces input lag. Combined with Freesync, you can expect an incredibly smooth ultrawide experience. There’s also all the more standard feature ultrawides are used to having these days, like a black stabaliazer for more vivid dark scenes, game modes to toggle between , a four-screen mode, and anti-flicker technology to make it easier on your eyes.

There’s also a huge number of excellent FreeSync ultrawides on the FreeSync Ultrawide Master List, which contains a list of every FreeSync ultrawide on the market. If you’re looking for a standard FreeSync ultrawide monitor, a budget FreeSync Ultrawide monitor, or anything in-between, you’ll find it on this list.

How do I choose?

If you don’t know where to begin or what features matter to you, check out the how to choose tutorial to get a better understanding of what these features really mean for you. Most people only have to worry about two or three things, but if you’re looking into playing games on your ultrawide, you’ll want to take extra time to understand all of the comparative advantages and features that are available. 

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